Analyses & Modeling Leveraging Technological Advances

Extreme equipment damage, extensive downtime, and serious injury or death are all possible consequences of arc flash. DFW Consulting has the knowledge and experience to perform high quality arc flash hazard analysis.
Our assessment will determine inefficiencies in facility operations and infrastructure. After making the assessment our team pulls together recommendations geared to save time, effort, headaches, and ultimately money. From power and cooling to single points of failure, we gauge every part the facility.
When it comes to HVAC design, one size does not fit all. As unique as each building is, so must the HVAC design be. With many factors differentiating one building’s HVAC design needs from another, leveraging design successes from one project to the next is virtually impossible with traditional design methods. CFD analysis allows us deliver a better product faster and cheaper than other methods.
Data center’s and other mission critical facilities will experience tripped breakers, knowing that the electrical system is capable of clearing a fault in the minimum time possible is crucial. A protective device coordination study is insurance that the impact to the system is minimal.
We use programs like BIM and Revit to stay ahead of design flaws, avoid headaches and meet the demands of an ever-changing building environment. This powerful software allows us to work naturally, design freely, deliver efficiently and ultimately save our clients money.
Effective energy modeling requires integrating the energy model into the design process very early on. It is also required by the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED certification. We know what inputs to assess, what questions to ask, and how to facilitate investment decisions to produce the right-sized product every time.